Lap Swimming 101

6 tips for Lap Swimmers

  • 1. Check your pool schedule

    The city of Austin operates 51 pools and splash pads, but not all pools have lap lanes reserved for lap swimmers. Find pools that have lanes and hours reserved for lap swimming.

  • 2. Know your Pool Length

    Most lap pools in Austin are short-course ( 25 yards or meters in length), however some pools in Austin have unusual lengths. To swim a mile in a short-course pool, you would have to swim 66 lengths.

  • 3. Dress Accordingly

    Invest in a good pair of goggles and a form-fitting bathing suit. Goggles will help you see where you are swimming and protect your eyes from highly chlorinated water, and a good suit will prevent any "wardrobe malfunctions."

  • 4. Prepare to Share

    Most laps lanes are split down the middle with a long T-shaped line. Be courteous and stick to one side of the lane so that others can share the lane.

  • 5. Split or Circle?

    Before joining a lane, you should ask other swimmers whether they prefer to split the lane or circle swim. Splitting the lane is often best with two people (one person per side) and circling is necessary with more than two people (everyone swim down on the left, returns on the right).

  • 6. Stay in your lane

    If you are sharing a lane, try and find a lane of swimmers who share your level of speed/ability.


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